Sell cannabis domains

Buy A Good Domain Name

You have your cannabis business name, your cannabis logo, your service and or products are ready to go! Now is the time to create a cannabis domain and establish your brands online presence with a cannabis website. Having a cannabis domain is the next step you need to take to put yourself out there to the cannabis community.

Whether your a dispensary, cannabis farm, edible company, produce extracts, sell your CBD products, selling your glass, cannabis apparel, vaporizers, or any other cannabis related business. Choosing the right domain is very important! You want to make sure it reaches your audience and appear in search engines. Here are a few tips to assist you on how to buy a cannabis domain name.

1. Research


cannabis google trends.png

Do some market research in the cannabis industry. Search websites that are similar to your business or take a look at the competitions domain name. Checkout Google Trends to compare keywords that are searched on Google across regions and languages over time. For example, you can compare the search terms and see interests for cannabis, weed, & marijuana from a year to date in your country, state, territory, or even worldwide. This can help you choose your domain by determining what is the most popular search results.

2. Purchase a Domain that is Easy to Remember and Search.

Don’t purchase a domain that doesn’t relate to your business name or cannabis product or service. Avoid characters and be sure if you say it out loud you don’t have to explain the spelling to anyone. Avoid any hyphens or special characters. If it’s easy to spell people can quickly remember it and tell others about your website. If there is multiple spellings for your business name, go ahead and purchase those domains.

3. The Key is .Com

.com name.jpg

The most popular domains ends in .com for the best search results. You will also have the option to buy to extensions (.org, .net, .info, .biz, .us, .eu, .es, .etc) or .ca if you are located in Canada.
You can always redirect domains you own to the website you want patients or customers to see.

4. Don’t Purchase a Domain that is a Trademark or Similar to Anyone

If you think you can direct peoples search results to your product or service instead of a big trademarked brand, you are going to be in some deep shit. Legal action will be unleashed on you by a corporation or business for imitating their likeness or confusing their loyal customers.

To cover your ass, search for U.S. trademarks at and Canadian trademarks at

cannabis trademark and copyright .jpg

5. Add Privacy Protection

You can add privacy protection to your domain so nobody can look up who owns the domain. By adding privacy protection, you avoid your personal information being public and spam emails. Depending on where you purchase the domain (ex. HostGator) privacy protection is any where between $8-16 a year per domain.

6. Is the Social Media Username Available?

Instagram Username.jpg

Once you have purchased your domain check and search if the word or phrase in your domain is available username on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Youtube. Take note, your username needs to match your business name and domain.

Once you purchase your domain you will need a professional cannabis web designer to create a mobile friendly website. Contact us today to grow your cannabis website!

Need help purchasing a cannabis domain? Checkout out the video below